Do you
like to change your head from smooth to curly and from curly to smooth?

Beware, this quest for the
perfect hair style is not without risks for the hair. Finding a good
straightening iron, some brands are more expensive than others, if your budget
doesn’t allow you to buy one, on second hand sites you will find a variety of high
quality straightening irons that you can pay a small price.

How to choose the right
smoothing iron?

The smoothing iron looks like
a large heated tongs that you slide along the hair strand. Since its creation,
it has improved considerably so as not to damage the hair fibre.

Ceramic , tourmaline or titanium: which plate coating
to choose?

The shine, the good condition
of your hair and a perfect shine depend on it! The three main materials that
make up the coating of the plates are:Ceramic: it is reputed to diffuse the
heat in a soft and homogeneous way. In addition, it facilitates the gliding of
the appliance over the entire length of the strand. Curly and very dry hair
loves it! Ceramic can be white, yellow or black, all have the same properties.

Tourmaline : particularly appreciated in winter and in wet
weather, this semi-precious stone helps to fight against static electricity and
the appearance of frizz. Tourmaline plates glide easily and smooth the hair in
a single pass. In addition, they are ideal for damaged hair.

Titanium : this light and resistant metal promises a
long life for the smoothing iron. It conducts heat well and continuously. While
it is suitable for all hair types, it is best to limit its use if your lengths
are damaged and to favour a steam system that preserves the hair’s moisture.

The width of the plates
according to hair type

Short hair: if you are used
to short haircuts and your hair does not exceed 20 cm, opt for narrow plates
that will wrap your strands well. A mini-straightener will be perfect for this

Long to mid-length hair:
choose classic plates. That is to say 2.5 to 3 cm wide and 8 to 9 cm long. They
allow you to take a maximum of hair in a single pass.

Curly, curly and frizzy hair:
choose plates that are at least 4 cm wide and 10 cm long. You will gain in

The different types of
straightening iron

Ionic smoothing iron: thanks
to this technology, the straightener releases negative ions and neutralises the
positive ions (responsible for static electricity) released by the hair fibre.
This type of straightener controls electric hair and protects against dryness.

Wet and dry” technology:
if traditional straighteners are only used on dry hair, this one changes the
game! The “wet and dry” straightener glides over damp hair without
damaging it. In fact, the plates determine the humidity level of the hair and
thus adapt their temperature. You can thus skip the hair-drying stage. A time

The steam straightener: more
expensive than a classic straightener, it allows you to relax and moisturize
your hair thanks to the steam. The hair is smoother and more supple for a
natural effect. The steam straightener is recommended for dry and unruly hair.