December 11th, 2012   0 Fringe, Interview, Press, Television

The loss of Georgina’s Fringe character, Etta, was a huge one for all the characters and a loss still felt in each new episode. In a newly released video from FOX, Georgina talks about how “it’s a shame that Etta is never told the significance of the bullet she’s worn around her neck since was 13”. You can check out the video below, as I’m sure many of us might

November 2nd, 2012   0 Fringe, Gallery, Projects, Television

As a special Fringe Friday treat, I’ve added an additional promotional photo of Georgina as Etta. It’s so sad to see her time has passed on the show, as her character will be dearly missed from so many. Also, make sure to tune in tonight to see how everyone comes to deal with the new shift. RELATED LINKS: Television > Fringe > Season Five >Promotional Photos: Season Five

November 1st, 2012   0 Fringe, Television

We may have said goodbye to Etta at the end of last weeks episode, but she’ll linger on in spirit in this week’s episode (and so will Georgina’s presence)! In the latest from promo extraordinaire Ari, you can see little sneak peeks into this Friday’s episode where Etta has become the face of the resistance -and no one is taking to the loss lightly.

November 1st, 2012   0 Fringe, Television

Thanks again to the amazing Ari, you can check out this brand new video of the cast on set during “The Bullet That Saved the World” where they talk about the experience both for the characters and them with saying goodbye to Etta and Georgina. The video also gives you a peek into this Friday’s episode where you are sure to see lots of grieving from both Peter and Olivia.

October 31st, 2012   0 Fringe, Gallery, Projects, Television

FOX has just released two additional stills from “The Bullet That Saved the World”, and you can tell why they waited on these ones! This is one episode that many of us are having trouble getting over. Georgina really did such an amazing job, and broke so many of our hearts with her final moment. You can check out the two new stills in the gallery now and make sure

October 29th, 2012   0 Fringe, Gallery, Projects, Television

Friday was an incredibly heart-breaking episode of Fringe, and what looks like it could have been the last we’ll see of Etta (although we hope not!). Georgina gave such an amazing performance and it will be sad to see her go, but ever confident that she will continue on to have a long and successful career. I’ve added a total of 598 screencaps of Georgina as Etta in “The Bullet That Saved

October 27th, 2012   0 Fringe, Gallery, Projects, Television

Tonight’s episode was a tearful and unexpected goodbye to Etta, a character and performance that will very clearly be remembered by Fringe fans. In the gallery I’ve added additional episode stills and some behind the scenes still for “The Bullet That Saved the World”, of which includes a shot of Georgina prepping for Etta’s final scene. RELATED LINKS: Television > Fringe > Season Five >Episodic Stills: 5.04 The Bullet That Saved the World Television > Fringe >

October 27th, 2012   0 Fringe, Interview, Press, Television

Another post- “The Bullet That Saved The World” episode interview with Georgina has come out, this time by someone well known to many of us Fringe fans, Damian Holbrook. Hands down this may be my favourite yet, and is a must read, provided you’ve seen the episode! We’d say “Spoiler alert,” but between the Twitter reactions from both coasts and the pre-episode rumors, you probably have a good idea who

October 27th, 2012   0 Fringe, Interview, Press, Television

Tonight’s episode was a major one, [BE AWARE OF SPOILERS] especially now that it seems we’ve said a goodbye to Etta, a character that many of us have come to love since being introduced in “Letters Of Transit” but it was not only us who were sad to see her go. Just as the episode came to a close, one-by-one multiple sites released post-episode interviews done with Georgina, where she

October 25th, 2012   0 Fringe, Gallery, Projects, Television

A little behind, but I’ve now added screencaps for 5.02 “In Absentia” and 5.03 “The Recordist” as well as adding logoless screencaps for 4.19 “Letters Of Transit”. Georgina is doing such an amazing job bringing Etta to life on screen each week, and be sure to tune in Friday at 9/8c on FOX for “The Bullet That Saved The World” which has been consistently noted the episode not to miss. RELATED LINKS: Television > Fringe >

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