2009: The Elephant Princess Questionnaire

Name: Georgina Haig

Character Name: Zamira

Date of Birth: 3 August 1985

Height: 170cm

Eye colour: Blue / green

Favourite food: Japanese definitely, and mandarins and sticky date pudding

Favourite movie: In no particular order: Almost Famous, In Bruges, The Lives of Others, Once and Groundhog Day.

Favourite book: 1984, Pride and Prejudice, Watership Down, His Dark Materials series.

Something you love: Making event specific play-lists. For example: “Trying to get to sleep on a plane”. Or “Fondue party early”.

Something you hate: That squeaky sound you get when you have wet hands and you touch a plastic bag. If you know what I mean.

Hobbies: Painting, dancing and can I say op-shopping? I find myself doing that all too often!..

What are you afraid of?: Clowns (I blame the film IT)

What 3 things make you happy?: Being with people I love, travel and then coming home.

Who do you look up to?: You don’t know them but they are awesome. They are courageous, inspiring and doing What they love. (Fine, Mum and Dad, obviously that includes you).

What’s something not even your Mum knows about you?: I taught English in Vietnam for six months and would edit the Group e-mails so Mum didn’t Find out about anything to Dangerous. I didn’t want to Worry her! Such when the Builders next door dropped a Bucket on my head. Or when I Broke out in red spots and the Head of the English course Soothed me when they wouldn’t Go away with “Don’t worry, it’s Just the weather”.

If you had a magic power, what would it be?: I would be able to click my fingers and be anywhere in the world I liked! However, I wouldn’t use it all the time because sometimes very interesting things happen on the way to somewhere.

If you could be anything else other than an actor, what would it be?: A food critic.

Define yourself in 5 words: What! But I’m so biased. OK, casually rambunctious, open, heart-on-slave, over-thinker, empathetic.

Finish this sentence: If I had the power to change something, I would…: … make sure, without a doubt, that every child in the world is loved and has a joyous childhood. And while I’m at it, can we please stop hunting dolphins. In Spain they have given dolphins equal rights to humans. Sounds good to me.

One item you can’t live without: My lovely, lovely computer. Until I have children on my own I consider this to be my baby.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you have ever been given?: My friend Sam told me if you’ve ever feeling down, or in a maths Class that won’t end think “This too shall pass”..

What’s one thing your parents always tell you?: That I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to, which is very good advice I think.

How would you describe your taste in music?: I love music. Folk, indie-rock, classical, electro, whatever! I love Nick Drake, The Smiths, Hot-chip, Yo-Yo Ma, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Kate Bush, Florance and the Machine etc. etc. etc.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?: One little brother who is a whole lot taller than me!

Who is your favourite actor or actress?: Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Cate Blanchett, Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

What characteristics do you most like in a person?: Sense of humour, ballsy, smart, maybe slightly sardonic.

What characteristics do you most dislike in a person?: Litterer. Very bad.

What characteristics do you love about yourself?: That I can start a conversation with anyone. Can get me into trouble too sometimes.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?: To have a brilliant skin all the time. Although you don’t want to make the make-up artist’s job too easy.

If someone wanted to get into filming industry, what advice would you give them?: To get as much work experience as possible. And then know as much about the job as possible. Talk to people already doing it. Go see every Australian film that comes out. And see as much theatre as possible. Know what inspires you.

What message do you have for your fans?: Hello. Nice to meet you. You’re lovely.

What is your character about?: Zamira wants to reconcile her past, make West Manjipoor a better place to live and to feel like she’s worth something.

What are the similarities between you and your character?: I love how strong Zamira is but I think she often makes the wrong decisions because she is very stubborn.

Describe your favourite scene: I really like the scene between Caleb and I when we are at the rock in the rainforest and I’m trying to tell him how dangerous dark magic is. All the stuff in the rainforest was brilliant – it really was such a beautiful place to work.

Were there any funny moments on set?: There was one take where I didn’t even get my first line out because I was swatting back all the bugs that were attacking me! I got a bit angry at the bugs. I mean they could have at least waited until we’d finished the scene to come attack me.

What was it like having an elephant on set?: Very humbling. Siam is beautiful and very friendly but wonderfully cheeky

Who were you closest to onset?: I became very good friends With Richi who plays my brother.We ended up developing a bit of a brother sister relationship off set! I’d hit him over the head when he very occasionally mucked around, he’d always be really honest with me, and at the end of the day I’d cook dinner and he’d wash up!

Did you have any stunts on set and what was your favourite?: I wasn’t really involved in many stunts but I watched lots and can I just say how amazing stunt artists are. They are so skilled, brave and ridiculously humble. Pretty extraordinary.

How would you describe your character’s fashion sense? How does it differ from your own?: I loved Zamira’s clothes! Especially all the early episode stuff. I definitely got the most comfortable costumes out of all the girls. My fashion sense I guess isn’t quite as hippy, bit more eclectic! I love fashion from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

How did you get your role on The Elephant Princess? Describe the audition process.: Originally I auditioned for Veronica. I think they were considering me for that role but then when I did the call back I read for Zamira. I guess they worked out I could do “mean Girl” but maybe I looked like I belonged more in the forest. Or perhaps it was because they discovered I’m not a very confident singer!

What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt from the series?: Don’t walk to fast on a tracking shot. And try to hit your mark as often as possible. If not every time.

Besides acting, what’s your favourite part of the filming process?: Rehearsal. I really love to collaborate with the director and other actors and to discover what can be achieved with a scene.

What was your favourite location or set to film in?: My hut in the rainforest! The deck was huge and felt a bit like a stage. It was brilliant in every way. I originally trained in theatre so it was great to feel like you could play with a space like that.

What item of clothing or prop was integral to your character?: My boots. I wore them in most scenes. They were so filthy, floppy and comfortable. But I liked the idea that Zamira had owned pretty much one pair of shoes for the last 5 years and had mended and re-mended them. Shoes often tell you so much about character. They give you the walk and the stance.

If there was some adive you could give to your character, what would it be?: Don’t be so quick to judge!

What do you think the audience is going to like most about this series?: It’s full of adventure and magic like the first one but also has some great relationship stuff. I think the new characters are really interesting and I know it’s going to look fantastic with the hand-held style of filming and beautiful locations.


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