23 Nov: Georgina’s fear not an act

WITH a 6m-long python in the roof of a scary-looking house, actress Georgina Haig found it easy to channel fear for Gold Coast movie Crawl.

Haig, 26, won Best Actress at last month’s prestigious Screamfest LA for her role in the modern noir film which was filmed at an “Alfred Hitchcock-like” house, complete with an animal sanctuary.

“The green python was huge and a bit creepy and fortunately well-fed but the level of fear is already there when you know there is a snake hiding in dark places,” said Haig, who plays a waitress taken hostage after a small-town murder goes wrong.

Haig, who played a role in the Underbelly series, will see Crawl for the first time this Friday at a Gold Coast Film Festival screening.

Due to popular demand, the film, made by Gold Coast brothers Ben and Paul China, will be shown in two cinemas.

“It’s great we’ve had such a strong local response for a film that was made on the Gold Coast,” said Ben, who won Best Director at Screamfest LA.

“Georgina is on screen most of the time but there’s not much dialogue so she has to hold the audience’s attention … she nailed it.”


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