26 July: Aurora forms content sharing deal with UK channel

Community TV channel Aurora, which this week received a tributary poem from an American who confused the name of the station with the Colorado town were shootings took place last week, has entered a content sharing deal with Community Channel in the UK.

The announcement:  25th July, 2012: In a first for Australia’s leading not-for-profit subscription community TV Channel – Aurora – has joined forces with the Community Channel (UK), in a sharing agreement allowing each channel to screen each other’s content.

Aurora CEO Phyllisse Stanton says: “This is a wonderful opportunity for Aurora to showcase Australian community content on an international stage. We are enormously proud to see our very own production, Chatterbox, available to British audiences on the Community Channel (UK). This is a terrific partnership with a likeminded organisation that holds similar values and objectives. In the coming months and years we hope to share learnings that will help grow our respective channels.”

Chatterbox is a show by the community, for the community, providing a broadcast platform for stories from around Australia that are little told and often not heard. Every month Chatterbox takes viewers behind the scenes of large and small-scale events that bring communities together, and will now air on the Community Channel (UK) in addition to its regular slots on Australian network FOXTEL.

Aurora will screen UK360 on Mondays from 30th of July at 7pm bringing the most inspiring community stories from across the UK, about people and projects that are changing lives and local areas for the better.

Aurora has also joined with Australia’s leading new age and self-development publishers Hay House Australia to produce a special documentary screening of You Can Heal Your Life. Hosted by Zoe Sheridan (VH1, The Catch Up), the special screening looks at the life of Hay House founder Louise L. Hay – the American bestselling author, speaker and inspirational teacher whose healing techniques, affirmations and positive thinking have inspired millions worldwide. The program will premiere on Sunday 29th July at 9pm.

Aurora Programming Manager Corrie McDougall says: “Aurora has long shared a significant friendship with Hay House Australia, and to see that culminate into this showcase truly is special. With our programming we strive to entertain, educate and inform, and this partnership with Hay House Australia helps us to do just that. With that educational goal in mind, we’ve also recently welcomed IFSS Uncut to Aurora – a how to guide to film making in Australia that aims to help emerging artists who are just starting out in the industry.”

IFSS Uncut was produced exclusively for Aurora by the International Film School Sydney, and takes you behind the scenes of what it takes to make a film. It premiered Sunday 22nd July at 8pm, hosted by Georgina Haig and features interviews with leading film professionals including Dean Francis (Road Train).


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