27 July: School Of Film Education Rocks

Think you know what goes on behind-the-scenes of a film shoot? Well students and graduates of the International Film School Sydney (IFSS for short) have produced a four episode television series with the purpose of educating viewers about the filmmaking process.

IFSS Uncut, hosted by Georgina Haig (The SapphiresUnderbelly) and directed by IFSS graduate Kim Ramsay (who has since established her own directing company, Delphic Insight) and will air on the Aurora Community Channel.

Ramsay believes that anyone with the inspiration to make a film has no reason not to due to the abundance of technology available today. “This series will arm the viewer with the knowledge to make short films while igniting their passion to get out there and do it!” she goes on to say. The idea for the show came about when IFSS teachers Andrew Williams (producer) and Guy Perrine (co-producer) along with the Aurora Community Channel, were discussing the importance of airing Australian short films on Australian television.

If you’re a budding filmmaker who craves knowledge, head over to Foxtel’s Aurora Channel (183) at 8pm on Sunday to catch the next episode ofIFSS Uncut. The series started last weekend so if you missed episode one, scoot on over to the IFSS Uncut website and have a gander.


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