29 July: Top Cast Set For Return Engagement

The packed session of DFF’s In The Raw at the Sydney Theatre this coming Monday (Aug 1) will feature a stellar cast to read Tony Morphett’s Return Engagement.

AFI award winner Anne Looby (Simine de Beauvoir’s Babies, All Saints, A Counry Practice) will lead the reading as the narrator also taking on the role of the sexy centenarian Millie.

Bringing to life the “Sleeping Beauty” in the role of the 1920’s flapper Amanda is Georgina Haig (Wasted on the Young, Road Train, Underbelly)

The charming cat burglar Frankie, who wakes up the irresistible sleeping beauty, is played by Ryan Johnson (Jucy, Monkey Puzzle, All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane).

Rachel Gordon (Thuderstruck, Blue Heelers, Home & Away) plays domineering heiress Claudia who is engaged to Frankie and determined to have the perfect wedding.

Rounding out our cast are the two conspirators, the unethical centenarian tortoise Archie played by Peter Sumner (Bush Christmas, Jessica, Heartbreak High) and the young commitaphobe playboy Teddy who is played by recent WAAPA graduate James Mackay (Panic at Rock Island).

Returning to host this session of In The Raw is DFF’s incredible Head of Programming Laura Macdonald.

It’s going to be a great night filled with sneaking, stealing and sexy jazz.

For more information on In The Raw click here


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